Winter on Storn is a killer. No one can survive it out of stasis. Some, though, know they will not survive winter if they allow themselves to be put in the tanks, so this is the season when they must escape. Someone in authority knows there's a plot and intends to stop it. The Group, those who believe in the sanctity of life--all human life--especially the children whose genes have been deemed less than Earthly--are determined to live, and to save the innocent. 
Welcome to Refuge
where you can live free...
but only if you survive.
It started two-hundred-ninety-three Earth-years after the sleepships' arrival on Storn, when the freezer-banks brought from Earth failed. This disaster destroyed all the zygotes within. Human civilization was doomed without that controlled replenishment to the population. The reluctant female settlers were forced have their sterility temporarily halted, and to endure pregnancy in the months leading up to Wintersleep, the three-hundred sixty-six days when all humans retired to freeze-cells to survive the dark and cold.
“Chief, one of the children of the first human gestation can fly!”

Thanilla, Chief of Committee, studied the the nearly four-year-old boy as he flitted over the dry grass and frost blackened gardens like a bird.

"Children cannot fly," she stated categorically. "That child has no wings."

"But​​​​, respects, Chief, as you can see for yourself," the physician said. "He can fly. He does fly. This is an amazing genetic development!"

Thanilla stared longer as the child, laughing with glee, ascended toward the protective electronic web over Complex then, pouting but obedient, returned to his attendants when called. After a few ticks, Chief Thanilla turned resolutely away.

“That child,” she declared, “is not Earthly. Terminate it.”

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He looks like a man. He talks like a man, but when she she hears his compelling, mental  calls for help, she knows this is a man like none who live on this earth. 
The apocalypse has come in the form of a war fought with weaponized pathogens, killing billions, leaving only a small core of survivors--some of whom want to be the only survivors. 
And now ...a work in progress...
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